28 Feb 2010

Overheard at my Aunt's 40th Birthday last night. The boys were about eight years old and friends of my cousin.

BOY 1: Well, yeah you have to do a dare now cos I did...
BOY 2: Ok, but no rude dares.
BOY 1: But rude dares make it fun!

The minds of eight year old boys...

I was thinking today about how you can just feel what day it is.
For example, today is definitely a Sunday.
My Mum used to say she loves Sundays, "because it's the most relaxing day of the week."
Well, that was when she worked, so perhaps Sunday feels like any other day to her now.
Sundays for me are always grey, boring, a rush to do homework, the afternoon going too quick.
And the day before Monday. Urgh.
The dreaded feeling of Monday morning and having to get up.
It's not so bad now that I'm in college - I have one English lesson tomorrow morning, then a three hour break and then general studies which (let's face it) is not the most strenuous subject.

Yet I feel Sunday will still have that stigmatism attached to it.
Even when I'm working, thus having no homework or coursework... even when I'm old, wrinkly and embarrassing my grandkids...
I'll still hate Sundays.

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Charmalade said...

Amen, girl, amen.

And yes, *sigh* for Joseph G-L. :3

Toast with Charmalade