5 Apr 2010

Life is a funny thing, because no matter how much something remains constant, change is always inevitable. Practically all my life I have been begging my sister to PLEASE LEAVE HOME. Sure, it's always good to have a sibling on your side whilst going against the parents, but she was one PAIN IN THE ARSE!

Waking me up at 6am with loud party music, bashing into my room unannounced, stealing and subsequently losing all my things and of course, who can forget "Flying Toilets"...

She and her boyfriend have been going out for almost 3 years now I think, and had been thinking about moving out for over a year. But all they're earnings seemed to go on countless holidays and meals and we all thought she wouldn't leave until she was thirty.

But suddenly, a month back, they find three flats they like and start to hunt around. And then - KABOOM - on Wednesday 31st March, Brooke moved out.
(And I moved in. To her old bedroom, now painted brown and mint green so it feels like I'm living in a chocolate Mingle.)

Last night I went to their flat for the second time, and I have to say I'm jealous. Not only because of the posh building they live in, or the plush seats they have, but because since she's been gone the attention has turned to me. Being a little sister has a lot of benefits (namely blaming everything onto the said older sibling) and now I'm an 'only child' I find I can no longer blame Brooke for the heating being left on, the computer being left on, the lights being left on, drinks being spilt everywhere or any general mess in the house. And the parents have started to notice how lazy I am, how spoilt I am... but hey, I WAS the younger sister!!

This dramatic change in my whole family's life has got me worrying - I'm going to get a job this year which means bye bye to free periods and slacking off homework by hanging out with friends. And the scary thing is: I'm actually going to have to become an adult...

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Poppy said...

I'm trying to put off the inevitable myself, by going to uni. But the time will come for me to graduate and then I'll have to go and be an adult also.
Let's not, ey? Me and you, we'll just live in your minty room and never get older.
Cool beans.