3 May 2010

In Topshop in Oxford Street with Kirsty.
Me: "I can't spend any more! But we have to go past all the clothes to get out!"
Kirsty: "What are you doing?!"
Me: "Covering my eyes!"
I proceed to walk blindly towards the exit.
Woman with backpack: "Aaah!"  I uncover my eyes and see I have accidently walked in to her.
Me: "Sorry!"
Both collapse in to giggles.

Life can shock you in many ways. Like, when a Facebook suggestion comes up and it's a boy you used to know when you were 10 and he has a baby. Or when you have begged your parents to take you to America for the last decade and suddenly it's a few days until you go to New York. Or even suddenly getting a boyfriend.

You can never prepare for what life is going to throw at you. This has to be one of the best years of my life so far - everything is changing and it is totally for the better.

I guess what I want to say is, no matter how much life looks like something from a depressing English film, it will change. Nothing in life is constant, not even life.

So as I change my relationship status on Facebook, pack my bags for New York and take a look at some photos from this year; i can smile, knowing it can only get better...


daisychain said...

yes, things CAN only get better

Poppy said...

I like this post; it makes me smiley. ^_^
Glad things are going so well for you, I'm dead chuffed.
Oh and have the best time in New York! *Jealous*

Jess. said...

New York sounds pretty awesome
Whats it like there :3