17 Jan 2010

I am now officially an adult. I had my eighteenth birthday on Wednesday, and then my party on Friday. I had an extraordinarily good time and it was great to see all my friends and family have a good time too, all dressed up in fancy dress.

Unfortunately, I've been kicked back into reality. It's sunday, I've watched a full two hours of Celebrity Big Brother (and now feel my IQ has dropped) and am here hugging Bowie and looking at the big spot that has emerged on my nose. Wow, thanks alcohol + non-stop eating of sugary snacks.

On the plus, I am now financially happy. Am scouring online for pretty dresses for the Spring and waiting for my friends to text me back so we can go London shopping tomorrow. Yes we're supposed to use it as a 'study day' and yes I have a lot of work to get on with as well as revision but for once in my life I have money! Don't suffocate me with the scratchy pillow that is college! Let me fly, let me sing...

Yesterday I went to Kirsty's house and persuaded her to tell me her secrets whilst eating chicken on her bed. It was delicious (both the chicken and the secrets were pretty juicy too...) I was glad we did something because otherwise I think I could have been hurt mentally and physically by sister. This is because she was cooking.

'Come dine with me' is a channel 4 programme where a group of strangers go to each other's houses and have a meal. They give scores out of 10 to each cook and the winner wins £1000. My sister and her friends decided to do their own version and it was my sister and her boyfriend's turn to cook last night. Let me say that we have never had so many glasses and plates smashed in one night. I was glad to retreat from that hellhole and instead have a takeaway with a friend. Apparently it went very well, and she thinks she will win (if not just for the 'delicious' food, but for the edible sequins and the game of 'Mr and Mrs'.)

I wish it was my birthday again, though. My excuse for everything was "but it's my Birthdaaaaay!" yet now I'm 18 suddenly everyone expects me to have 'responsibilities' and 'independence' when all I stated was that I couldn't be bothered to do the drying up. Yes I am 18, yes I'm an adult and can legally do pretty much anything I like (I can get married!).


Who cares if I'm hugging a hello kitty doll, christened her 'Zooey Bowie' (after Zooey Deschanel and David Bowie), and am now contemplating eating more chocolate even though I've already eaten 5 chocolate krispy cakes already? Yes I'm an adult, doesn't mean I have to act like one...


Poppy said...

Hey I found your blog on Jazz Loves You More and thought I'd mosey on over. Nice to "meet" you!
The family come dine with me sounds like an awesome idea! I might have to do this with my flatmates..
Happy belated birthday and try not to watch too much CBB...it rots the brain! Haha!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Immensely blissful belated birthday wishes, honey! I really hope your year ahead is filled with joy, inspiration, and countless wonderful memories!

Tons of hugs,
♥ Jessica