19 Jan 2010

For my 18th Birthday I was lucky to be given a trip to New York and we are in the midst of organising it for the summer. I am very excited as I completely adore going to America on holiday. I only hope that it lives up to my expectations.

The beginning of today was quite depressing (and not only because I had to get up at 6:30am when I've slept in for the past 4 days...). When I arrived at college two of my best friends came up to me and were both very sad for different reasons, but let's just say it was because of complications. All I want to say to them two ladies is that please be happy! Maybe it doesn't help that yesterday was apparently the 'Most Depressing Day of the Year'. Yay for January!

In English language today the mood seemed to have reached my teacher, which was pretty hilarious. He was just very stressed and HATED that we kept speaking to each other. "SHUSH!" "PLEASE be quiet!" Suddenly it went silent and we all watched with horror as he crept up behind one girl in our class who was absorbed looking at her Facebook. She was swiftly taken outside and there were threats of the principal coming. I think you just need to chill... Whilst our teacher was out of the classroom telling people off (um, hello? We're COLLEGE students) Kirsty and I were finally given some time to have a chat without getting interrupted with irritating 'sssh' noises. She spoke of her close call with a guy who spoke about prison and didn't know how to spell 'David'.

We had lunch at Alans and we watched the Dark Knight (<3) and generally discussed films and Alan getting beaten up by Mark (apparently he was drop kicked or something. Pretty funny stuff).
Oh and something AMAZING happened to myself and Kirsty in the toilet. Intriguing, no? We both went to the toilet (separate ones I might add, but next to each other) and we were both like: "What the hell is this pod in here?!" Let's just say it was called a 'sani-pod' but it was like this SUPER SPACE AGE one that if you bashed it it's lid kind of rose making this spaceship-launching noise.
K: What is this thing?
M: I dunno, it doesn't seem to open
K: There's like two of them...
M + K both proceed to bash the lid violently.K + M: [spaceship-launching noise] WOW! [hysterical laughing]

And that was my day.

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Rogue said...

I hope you had a good birthday :) NYC? You lucky lady! xx