8 Jan 2010

We've got our obsessions.

That's the lyric I just heard over the music. Pretty smart, huh?

I've been thinking about creating a new blog for a while now and decided a strong sign was having a Deja Vu.

Scrolling down a webpage seeing the words: "with visions of monkeys, angels and marching spoons" and thinking "I must do what I have been thinking about doing".

Quite freaky, and all thanks to the fantastic Marina and the Diamonds. Discovered her today and am obsessed with her music. I especially love 'Hollywood'. *sigh*

Anyway, this will not be the content of my blog - I already have one about my general life. This is going to be filled with Randomness. This word is used far too often, yet I feel my use is justified.

I was partially inspired by a trip to Oxford Street with my friend, where very random and quite humorous incidents happened. Last night I wrote of these incidents in my diary and found that it was actually quite interesting to read.

In short, this will be about LIFE and the twee incidents that happen to myself everyday. Enjoy.

- Article where my Deja Vu occurred
- Marina and the Diamonds

OTHER OBSESSIONS: singing 'woo woo' at the top of my voice when listening to Starstukk 30H!3 and eating crackers...

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