25 Feb 2010

My brain is aching a lot.
I have been working on my three piece comparison and contrast essay and I am just about two thirds done.
I've noticed my writing has become a little... secondary to my photographs. I apologise for this - I want to focus on my writing. I'm going to try a new format for the blog ("after only ten posts?!" I hear you cry), if that's ok with you.
I'm going to try an 'every-other' post system, ergo one post will be my writing, one my photography, the other my writing etc etceteraaaa.
I like
(points for inside literary joke?) and of course of line breaks...
I also feel it's easier to read than large blocks of writing.

Today I noticed how easily annoyed and frustrated I can get.
Scene: I only have one lesson in college on Thursdays. I get ready (make-up, hair, bag, umbrella, coat), jump on the bus, arrive fifteen minutes early and wait around.
Lesson cancelled.
Annoyance leads to negative thoughts leads to a ream of exasperated moans.
Is this an English thing? Like tea and talking about the weather?
I just seem to find moaning as an easy outlet, in some cases as my only form of conversation.
I am generally a positive person, I don't want to be thought of as the moaner...
And yet it's just so satisfying.



daisychain said...

I hope your brain stops aching soon.

Poppy said...

Aww man, a good moan is fantastic. Sometimes you just need to rant to someone, even if they don't understand a word you're saying.
Afterwards, it's like AHHHHHH all done. Thanks!

omfg-vivian said...

AW! I love this post.
it's always so good to be let alittle into somebody elses mind :) The moaning this is legit - definitely.

+ I agree 101% with you on your Sunday theorem. I'm such a procrastinator, my homework all manages to pile up for Sunday.