23 Feb 2010

Half term was packed with shopping, clubbing and parties and absolutely no work... which I am paying for now.


For my mate Charlotte's 18th we went to two clubs on Thursday and I had such a good time (a little too good as I was quite tipsy...). I remember a lot of people from college coming up to me and saying: "Hey are you in my [insert subject] class?" Yes, yes I am and a lot more louder then you remember... Whoops. We danced, drank and sang. At the end of the night I got a lift home from one of the (sober) guys with Kirsty. I remember us running to his car holding hands because we couldn't walk straight but we were so cold we really wanted to get in the warmth. I remember saying "bloody hell" a good 16 times when we finally travelled back home... I have no idea why, of course.

The next day was time to get ready for Charlotte's actual 18th Birthday party. Kirsty and I first went to one of our guy mate's house to have starter drinks. I didn't actually drink anything because the stuff Kirsty was drinking was gross. Mark was on Greg's bed on his laptop youtubing his idol... he now wants a bump on his head to make him look like him! Johal picked us up in his car (forty minutes after he said he'd be "two minutes") and we were on our way.

It was a really good night where we danced like crazy and got a little drunk... again. I think Charlotte enjoyed herself and I think everyone knows Kirsty did too. (don't worry we again convinced her to not do the splits in her dress... and to not pick up broken glass from the floor. Ahem.)

Now it's back to reality and with rain scheduled for every day this week, it's not making me any happier. I also have literature coursework due in this Friday... a three way contrast and comparison essay. Yay. 




Couture Carrie said...

Really fun pics!
You ladies look gorgeous!


Saving Capulet said...

omg lol! looks like you girls had soo much fun!! really cute photos and happy bday to your mate! :D