20 Jan 2010

I knew today's bus trip would be interesting when I spotted an array of playing cards on the ground of one of the stops. It was really beautiful in a weird way. I think playing cards are the perfect litter - it just looked really cool and colourful on the ground. Anyway, this is a transcript that I memorised from my bus ride home:

Mother: [in an exceptionally loud voice so that all the bus could hear]...all rickaty-rackety. What do you want for dinner Finn?
Finn: [gurgles]
Mother: I haven't got smiley faces... I haven't got french fries... Would you like mashed potato with peas?
Finn: Yesss
Mother: Good boy. No faces until Friday, ok? Mummy has to go to the Doctors on that day too...
Finn: K...
Mother: Hey! No scratching or I'll put mustard in your mouth!!

A lot of things bothered me about this conversation from the bus. Firstly, I hate it when people increase the volume of their voice so everyone can hear their conversations. It is so obviously showing off and even a bit pathetic when the person you are conversing with can hardly speak. I especially hate it when people are all gooey over babies.

Secondly, this kid's diet does not sound healthy, and it makes me weep for Jamie Oliver and his 'School Dinners' programme, because obviously the healthy eating message isn't getting across to parents.

Third person. WHY do people speak in third person? It intrigues me that it only seems to happen with parents to their children: "Daddy has to go to work", says the father. Surely it confuses children even more? And when is the right time to stop speaking in third person?

The last point really worries me: who puts mustard in a child's mouth as punishment?!

Over and out until tomorrow :)


Platform Princess said...

Too funny! Totally agree about people increasing their voices. Although, I have to admit to speaking in the third on my blog (but I'm aware of it!).

Cute blog and great writing.

PP x

Moomby said...

um, mustard in my mouth is a reward. and what's wrong with making silly faces? that mom needs to relax

yiqin; said...

Ah ohwell. I listen to lots of interesting convers in the train too hehe

Poppy said...

That would be the best punishment ever for me! I just eat mustard outta the jar though...so it's maybe not everyone's cup of tea.
For some reason I didn't get alerted to your comment on my 101 list!
Thanks for the interest in it! Instead of replying on here and leaving an epic essay of a comment, I'm going to reply to your comment you left.
I just popped your link in my love section to. I like reading your posts. =]

Poppy said...

Oh and about the showing off parents on the bus: I once heard a woman talking to her daughter getting her to name things out of the window, EXTREMELY loudly. She named, man, dog, car (Easy one syllable words that kids learn first) then the woman points to the Halal meat store with the arabic writing on the sign and says, what language is that? Very obediently the girl says arabic and the women very smuggly looks around to see who had noticed.
The girl was tiny and had obviously just been told to remember that word. It actually angered me a little...