25 Jan 2010

Friday was a day that hinted my weekend would be bad.  I woke up with the most god-awful headache that meant I missed my literature class again (admittedly I didn't go last week because I couldn't be bothered - I wanted to get ready for my party that night!). So whilst my friends went out to a restaurant, I was stuck in watching Inkheart and La Vie en Rose with my parents (the latter has inspired me to learn French again).

Saturday continued to be rather dismal as I woke up with a headache again and felt sick. It was touch and go whether I would indeed follow through with the day's plans and see Legally Blonde the Musical. I was dithering about, deciding if I had to sacrifice this experience because I did feel rough when what song should come on? Only my favourite song at the moment 'Hollywood' by Marina and the Diamonds! I took it as a sign, downed two tablets and headed off to the train station with sister and mother in tow.
I am so glad I went!!

I enjoyed my experience of Legally Blonde for two reasons. Firstly the musical was one of the best - if not the best - musicals I have ever seen! Seriously, you absolutely MUST see this musical, it was so colourful, clever and absolutely hilarious - I've never laughed out loud in a theatre as much as I did that night. And FYI, it's better than the film.

The second reason I enjoyed Legally Blonde the musical was because after the show, outside the front of the Savoy Theatre, there was a small barrier where you can get cast autographs. My mum, sister, nan and self got to the front of the barrier in the crowd of about 30 - 40 people (which trust me is a LOT when they're all crushing up against you). Jill Halfpenny, Duncan James, Alex Gaumond were among the cast that came out and signed our programmes (Alex Gaumond who plays Emmett asked for every single person's name and wrote the person's name and his signature on their programmes! Now that is fan appreciation...). But everyone was waiting for the star: Sheridan Smith.

Calling all Gavin and Stacey fans, I met RUDI!! Can you believe it?! Me, my sister, and friends have been obsessed with the 'Smithy and Rudi rap' since it aired at Christmas and know it off by heart. So when Sheridan Smith - who played Rudi in Gavin and Stacey, but is now Elle Woods in Legally Blonde - came to us in the crowd, me and my sister rapped to her and she joined in! It was one of the the best moments of my life and after she finished rapping with us she said: "You're better than me!" and then we posed for a photo. She is seriously one of the nicest people ever and has shot straight to number two in my favourite actresses (c'mon, I still love Zooey Deschanel). When we posed for our photograph, she looked at me at the end and said: "You're lovely" and moved on to the next person. Surreal, and absolutely brilliant.

That's my celeb update, who wants to see Legally Blonde now?


Poppy said...

It does sound pretty awesome. I hadn't really thought about going to see it, but I think you may have convinced me.
My brother's friend worked on the production team of Waterloo Road for a bit and one day broke her phone so Jill Halfpenny leant her her mobile! she brought it round to our house and it had all these famous numbers on! Bloody Craig Revell Horwood was in it. I was like...do I text him about that hilarious denim waistcoat I saw him in once, or not? DILEMMAS.
Haha and I love that you rapped to Sheridan. That is classic. XD

Rogue said...

I heard Legally Blonde is meant to be amazing :) Youve just confirmed it even more! Wish I was closer to london, I envy you so much :( Hairspray is coming up to glasgow in may so that should be fun! I was you tubing marina and the diamonds last night, determining wether to download the album or not. Shes goooood! :) xx

yiqin; said...

OMG I wish I can watch legally blonde the musical!!

Lilee▲ said...