8 Feb 2010

Who cares if I look bizarrely German and kind of fat in my ID? I wanna use it!! So, last Friday I set off on my first 18 year old adventures with green card in hand. Dawn and I entered the pub, went to the bar, ordered some drinks and I DIDN'T GET ID'ED. I have to say, I was a little upset.

It was a pretty fun night though, we listened to Dawn's boyfriend's band play and hung around with Dawn's mates Matt, James and Angelina. At 10 we headed off to a nearby club to meet some other friends and I finally used my ID to get in :). It was fun, we danced, we sang, we drank. There were a few incidents, one of which a guy who looked incredibly similar to Neil from The Inbetweeners ended up on the floor and we were encouraged to 'kick him'... (we didn't, by the way.) 

Ooh, also a week back I went to my mate Sophie's 18th house party which was incredibly fun where I got a little drunk and hyper on energy tablets and ended up on the floor countless times. There were also a lot of incidents that night which included laughing, crying, shots, back-straigtening, punching bushes (not me), punching lamp posts (not me), and having a fight with hand cream (admittedly, that was me. Ended up in my hair and on my face, but we managed to get the boys back good, don't worry. When I slept round Kirsty's, before bed she had to wash her hair which was pretty hilarious. Mostly because it was three in the morning and we were both a little tipsy). 

Also last week, I went to see Sherlock Holmes with Dawn and Debra for the second time (my second time, their first). As Debra lives a little furthur away and Dawn can drive, we decided to go to a cinema closer to her. Dawn set up the SatNav and unfortunately we still got lost (it didn't help that when the map told us to go right, the SatNav lady happily chirped: "Turn left.") When we were 20 minutes late and still no clue where we were, we got on the phone to Debra and told her the sad news. We suddenly drove past a Vue, but the SatNav told us we still had a bit of a way to go so we ignored the Vue, convinced it was another one that Debra wasn't at. Suddenly Debra shouted down the phone: "I JUST SAW YOU! YOU JUST DROVE PAST!" Apparently, the little roads we were on weren't marked and therefore the SatNav didn't recognise we were already there. The last part of our trip was hilariously funny as Debra kept shouting: "I'm here! No, TURN! Here! See!" Until all three of us were laughing our heads off. The cinema was deserted so there were no chavs to ruin our experience and the film was perhaps even better the second time and makes me want to see it again...

On Saturday, myself and Kirsty went shopping and I bought diddly squit. We had a nice chat with Sophie and Charlotte in the shops they work in though, and it was tres funny. Kirsty unfortunately caught a stomach bug, so if you're reading this Kirsty, please get better! You are missing out on Dave's riveting lessons on Child Language Acquisition! [Today he told one our friends they were a Sinner for saying the child didn't use any definite articles in their work. He then dramatically walked out of the classroom, came back in and announced: "I shall now teach you the deficit model." It was actually really funny and very interesting. My perspective of my English lesson has changed - I'm actually really enjoying the lessons at the moment. What a geek :) ).

Me and Charlotte at Sophie's 18th... an ickle bit out of it...

And by the way, English weather, if you continue to try and snow and persist in not showing any spring weather I WILL HURT YOU!!!!


naveen said...


i cant read you post b'cos ur post is filled with background , i cant see letters

hey ur pictures are cute

change your background

happy valentiines day hon

Charmalade said...

I agree with Naveen; possibly a pale backdrop in the middle for the words? It would help a lot for reading's sake.

And haha, I'm glad you agree with my opinion on nails. I also agree, I usually opt for polish if I remember. :)


Poppy said...

I was so annoyed the second I turned 18, nobody wanted to ID me!
Buying booze in supermarkets though, that always gets me ID'd.
Hehehe fat and German. I can beat that one. The lights in the photo booth cast a shadow off my glasses, so I have an epic mono brow that is forever stuck on my driving license. Well, for 10 years. Well...it's 8 now. But still!
Glad you had a good time and many many lols at the driving incident. Sounds like me and my mates. ^_^

Linda Pochinda said...

Oh I love your dress!