16 Feb 2010

The half term has begun and how much work have I done? To put it nicely: diddly-squit. And how much have I spent? *cough*... not THAT much.


Ok, a lot. But I have some leftover Birthday money, so what do you want me to do? Yesterday I shopped with Ambra and Kirsty and bought such a lovely outfit. From H&M this stripy ruched-shoulder top and brown bow bag, and from Topshop - high waisted shorts that I have wanted for ages. When I got home and tried it all on I added my new fedora hat to the outfit and pranced around my sister's room inquiring: "Do I look like a New Yorker yet?" (If interested my sister replied with non-commited noises whilst doing her work on her laptop.)

When I arrived back I also had two packages on my bed. One was a black dress and the other a moustache necklace, both from eBay. I love the necklace so much! I wore it and my stripy top round my mate Alan's house last night. It was a funny night as the girls 'tackled' (he wanted it really) Alan and put mascara on him (he loved it really.) We sat on his bed and chatted and watched The Inbetweeners and suddenly discovered an alarming similarity. Alan is EXACTLY LIKE Will from the Inbetweeners! Although he protested at the beginning, I think he's coming around to it. Mark was round too and he was compared to the bully in the show, though I think the biggest similarity between them being the fact that they have the same name...

When I told them all of the story of how my mum now thinks that I have a tattoo (because my sister can't keep her mouth shut) we moved on to what we would get. Mark showed me the ones he wants on his phone - he wants A LOT. Then he went out with Sophie and Kirsty to the shops (and smoke. Don't worry - I protested!) Ambra amazed me and Alan with her flexibility skills by laying on her stomach bending her legs and neck back so that her feet almost covered her face...

Johal turned up at some point and we all went for a drive. Unfortunately (even though it wasn't that late) I had to go home because my whole family were in bed and I had forgotten my keys. I am now in everyone's bad books for waking them up. It's half term, ok??



I'm off to eat some Pancakes (it is Shrove Tuesday, yar?)


Rogue said...

Those photos have a lovely dreamy look about them, are they just digital and edited a tad? I love the limited edition hello kitty bear factory bear! :) Haha your mustache necklace is cute too. The joys of ebay xx

tinypaperheart said...

your pictures are awesome. :)

Elizabeth said...

Do I look like a New Yorker yet? Too cute!