17 Feb 2010

I'm starting to go a little crazy - I haven't left the house for two days. Thankfully I've been able to catch up on my eBaying and photoshopping but who knows what it's done to my social skills...


Between all my internetting I have been catching up on the television programmes I recorded. One that I am currently hooked on is The Vampire Diaries. This may be old news to a lot of you, but I love it! I can see the comparisons between Twilight but it is a lot different. However, being a Twilight fan makes me want to shout at the lead character (the almost 'Edward' character) to stick up for his girl, man! I mean: Edward watches Bella sleep every night to protect her. Stefan just falls asleep at his own place whilst his brother strokes his girlfriend's face. I laugh at his feeble attempts to stop Damon. STEP UP, gawd damn it! (is that the sound of my social skills deteriorating..?)

Speaking of television, anyone catch the Brits last night? I've always been a fan of Peter Kay, and he was especially hilarious as the presenter. When he proclaimed that "the only award Lady Gaga hasn't won is the Male award. That was a close one." I had to chortle at him, even though I really like Lady Gaga and the rumours that she was a man were horrible.
I really enjoyed Florence and the Machine and Dizzee Rascal's collaboration, and absolutely hated Cheryl Cole's. I'm sorry, but how did someone so averagely talented become so popular? Even though I'm not a fan of her I had to pity her for her poor miming abilities. She was just so out of time!

And can you tell that I have recieved my new Polaroid camera...? I love it! I just need to get some actual photo sheets... darn Polaroid making them so expensive!


In case any of you are worried, I'm going out tomorrow.


Saving Capulet said...

ohh I just love how you process your photos! so envious of your polaroid! always wanted one! <3 have great day Madi!!

bowsnhearts said...

Wow you look really good in your photos...they look professionally taken...like one of those polaroids' spread!

I love Twilight more though...because I am so very infatuated with Edward. That's the main reason, I guess. Haha!

¶ Michelle said...

wowzah! lovely pictures (: and I adore the blog!

have a tea-riffic day!

p.s following you (:

Anonymous said...

hi medison

you looks great dear nice images ,

thanks for comment honey

some problems came while reading your blog its ok ,

actually your background is dominating your post

Anonymous said...

very funny images , u looks cute in i mages

Elizabeth said...

Ah these pictures of you are so cute!

Rogue said...

The company who makes polaroid film has been bought over and its back in production :) polaroid was saved, yay! So hopefully the new flm wont be as expensive because it wont be scarce anymore xx

Clara said...

amazing pics
your blog is great!

Anonymous said...


how are u doing today

hey don't worry

i thik you need to change tour template

people need change

try to change make your blog so beautiful

Anonymous said...


cool images

have u seen my blog

Emily Anne said...

I love the photos! So darling. Your blog is cute too. :)
Xo- EMily

Jazz said...

Polaroids=best things ever.. :D xx

yiqin; said...

I want a vintage polaroid oto!!

roxybelle said...

I'm loving the new blog. Cute background :)


Every Little Counts said...

super cute photos!